Untangling the Trauma-Speech Connection
How does trauma link to speech and language disorders? Sarah Hine and a team of graduate researchers used their own experiences with vulnerable populations to guide speech pathology protocols.
Inside Autism
Why do people with autism struggle with decision-making? Psychology’s Gabriela Rosenblau is looking deep inside the brain for answers that may lead to improved treatments of autism and other disorders.
Researchers Follow Social Distancing’s Path
Two CCAS projects are tracing the progress and limits of social distancing. Geography’s Michael Mann is constructing a distancing data map while Psychology’s Gabriela Rosenblau is charting COVID beliefs and behavior.
Study: Rampant Online Distrust of Health Expertise
Online communities that distrust establishment health guidance are more effective than government health agencies at reaching and engaging audiences, according to a study by Physics’ Neil Johnson.
For Chimps, Salt and Pepper Hair Not a Marker of Old Age
Graying hair isn't necessarily a sign that chimpanzees are growing older. Researchers from the CCAS Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology found variations in how our closest ape relatives experience pigment loss.
Break Down: How Wood Decay Drives Carbon Cycle
In the lab and in the field, Biology’s Amy Zanne and a team of researchers are linking wood decomposition rates among fungi to a better understanding of the global carbon cycle and its effect on climate change.
Gamma Bursts Light Brightest Cosmic Blast
Physics’ Chryssa Kouveliotou, Alexander van der Horst and an international team of astrophysicists observed a gamma-ray burst release the highest energy of light ever detected—a trillion times more energetic than visible light.
Meet the NSF Student Research Fellows
Seven CCAS doctoral students received National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, recognizing excellence in science, math, engineering and social science fields. Their research interests include global conflict resolution, “unsolvable” math problems and diversity in termites and fish.
Research Grants Open Doors to Discovery
This past year, CCAS faculty were awarded major grants from top research organizations to propel new discoveries. From measuring greenhouse gasses and looking deep into the sun to improving HIV-prevention among young Black men, scholars are forging pathways of knowledge.
Must Reads: Explore the CCAS Faculty Bookshelf
A sampling of new books by Columbian College faculty include thought-provoking titles on animal research ethics, America’s greatest authors, an expedition to the Holy Land and a new perspective on the traditional Thanksgiving story.


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