Alumna’s Global Mission: Better Schools for Girls
From working with young people in Ghana’s classrooms to reforming American schools, Sally A. Nuamah, BA ’11, is a fierce advocate for helping girls obtain equal education around the world. Now she’s fighting for a stronger educational foundation.
A Century of Suffrage
As the 19th Amendment celebrates its 100th anniversary, political science’s Corrine McConnaughy examines the history of the suffrage movement and the legacy of the women’s voting rights revolution that continues to resonate a century later.
Can a Computer Code Catch Serial Killers?
Statistics alumnus Thomas Hargrove created a computer algorithm to track serial killers. His one-of-a-kind data analysis platform is bringing criminals to justice—and giving peace of mind to families.
Cisneros Inspires New Generation of Student Leaders
Philanthropist and U.S. Congressman Gil Cisneros, BA ’94, was a first-generation college student. Now, by promoting leadership and academic opportunities for Latino youth, he’s helping young people write their own education success stories. ​​​​​​​
Fins and Limbs Tell Evolutionary Tale
How did our earliest ancestors take their first small steps from water to land? Biology’s Sandy Kawano follows the trail of “walking fish” on their giant leaps for humankind.
‘Ghetto’: Chronicling a Word’s Tortured History
History’s Daniel Schwartz has examined the centuries-old past of the word “ghetto,” from its 16th century origins to its echoes in Nazi Germany. He traces how the term has come to symbolize both pain and pride.
Stepping Up During COVID Crisis
In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, many are finding ways to help out in a time of need. Meet a Columbian College student and a recent graduate who are aiding their hard-hit communities by volunteering at a foodbank and making masks.
Making a Difference: Alumni Lend Helping Hands
During the coronavirus pandemic, alumni have come to the aid of their communities—in their hometowns, across the country and around the world. Read about the many ways Colonials are impacting lives and inspiring hope.
Alumni Physicians on the COVID Frontlines
As the coronavirus turned New York hospitals into crisis zones, Doctors Luke Fey, BS ’13, and Alexandra Cummings, BS ’14—former Columbian College biology students—put themselves in harm’s way to confront a global medical emergency.


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