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Into Africa

The Koobi Fora Field School in Kenya may be a fossil field of dreams, but it’s no place to live out an Indiana Jones fantasy. At one of the world’s most renowned—and remote—excavation sites, students actually get their hands dirty. They dig wells, battle 120-degree heat and dodge scorpions, all while sifting through sands in search of mankind’s most ancient artifacts. “If you can make it six weeks in Koobi Fora, you can do anything,” said David Braun, assistant professor of anthropology. “Our kids come here as students. By the time they’re done, we expect them to be scientists.”    ...Read More


Photo of Akos Vertes in the lab

Vertes Victories: Chemistry Veteran Builds an Arc of Innovation

From his earliest labs to his groundbreaking inventions, Akos Vertes has lit up the chemistry world with his lasers, microscopes and scientific curiosity. After 20 years of pushing the envelope of innovation at GW, he’s embarking on perhaps the greatest challenge of his career.

Photo of sunken slave ship

Silenced By the Sea

For centuries, the legacy of sunken slave ships has been lost at the bottom of the ocean. Now, GW is part of an historic collaboration between African and American cultural institutions and a team of international maritime archeologists raising these stories from the deep.

Photo of Cisneros Family

Alumnus Shares Good Fortune and Changes Student Lives

Alumnus Gilbert Cisneros and his wife donated more than $1 million of their lottery winnings to aid Columbian College students. But the family's generosity has gone well beyond their gift. Through both service and philanthropy to his alma mater, Cisneros is showing how giving back helps young Latinos get ahead.

Discovery - Spring 2015